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Merzouga excursions et activités


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Why Choose  Desert Active Tours ?

Desert Active Tours :

Desert Active Tours  is an independent local travel and transport  agency  based in Marrakech ; Fez and Merzouga Desert . It offers a wide range of private cultural ;Historical holidays and Desert trips which are customized to the taste and the budget of singles, couples, and small groups.


Contact us : Tel:+212666271084

Your time is important. When you choose Desert Active Tours, we dedicate time to organising a first-rate experience using our regional knowledge, so you can spend your own time however you please. And once you are travelling, each day of your personalised itinerary is set up to be memorable.
 -1- Experience and Trustworthiness.
Desert Active Tours has been providing tour services since 2002 and we have gained a reputation of an expert in the Moroccan incoming tourism market.
 -2- Private Custom Tours
We are a group of travel experts and we love to travel! We always strive to make your experience memorable and unique and deliver the best private city tours and other private sightseeing trips and activities.
 -3- Great Guides
On all of our escorted tours, you'll be led by a local, expert, English-speaking guide who will make each destination come alive like only a resident can. Along the way, your guide will share the traditions, culture and history of your destination from a first-hand perspective, and may even add some unexpected off-itinerary adventures. Often times it is our incredible guides our travelers remember and reminisce about most when they recount their experience.
-4- Attractive Prices
We are proud to offer some of the most competitive prices for private guided tours . Make sure to compare prices and what is included when deciding on where to book your tour.
-5-Diverse Services
We offer wide variety of tours, from day tours and local activities to longer guided tours and diverse road-trips sometimes the combination of more than one type of tour is the thing needed to make your itinerary just perfect.
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